An early summer night in Sydney

It was a beautiful evening yesterday….perfect temperature. Our view from our restaurant on top of Old Customs House looked out to the bridge, Circular Quay and across to The Rocks. Like always happens, the need for connectedness took over……

The Rocks


With the air cleansed by a balmy nor-easter,

Evening sun-lines are clean and taut

Across gable and façade,

Like a Drysdale without the dust.

Bridge pylons are bold art deco frames,

Glowing granite, incised from the grey.


Though my view is made easier

By wine and conviviality,

There is an echo amongst the city canyons

Of life and lives, the merest fraction of which

Call back to the unnoticed life sounds

(Ears full of cars and buses and trains and bars)

Look back to the deepening blue above

(Hidden in plain sight from the movement

And colour and busyness)

Cry back to what we were, where hope,

Desire and meaning were formed

Out of the passion of God.


So turn from George into Hickson,

See the sharp terrace shadows chopped

Into the salmon-pink and aqua salad

The ferries serve at such twilight times

And ask the questions that hardness of heart

Keeps under lock and key

So that we

Could survive in this convict land.

Mind the step to the landing,

Soul filling with the salt air of more than two centuries,

Always freshening, always strengthening

And ask the questions

Ask the questions.