One Year

Yesterday marked exactly one year since Ngaire died. For those who have followed this blog, you will know what a journey it has been.

At the start of the day our small family went up to Ngaire’s grave for a time of reflection. I took the page of notes that she hurriedly wrote in her shaky hand just before she was sedated that final time: words of love to us four of her boys.

From the middle of the day, we had open house for any of her friends and family who wanted to share in remembering her. It was a beautiful time and the sheer number of people who came is a testament to how much she continues to be loved. I shared a short message with those who were there and a number asked if I would send it to them. So here it is:


“It is one year since Ngaire died. Even now, to say that is still a little confronting.

Nonetheless, a year has passed and in my mind it is harder now to go to a cohesive portrait of her in my mind. Mostly it is just bits and pieces of smiles, laughter, cheekiness, her moments of fear, sadness, enduring love. I have one picture in my mind that recurs when we were in our late teens; I was sitting on a couch in her parents’ home; she ran into the room and jumped onto the couch, bouncing on her knees and smiling cheekily at me. That’s it, just a moment, seemingly of little consequence, but it outlives all the other moments as a benchmark of who she was to me.

As I wander in my thoughts, perhaps the thing that is most missing in our household since she left is just that: her zest for life, her verve and passion to not waste a day. Very often it would be her motivation that would inspire me to action, and over the past year it has often been a battle with self to cover the everyday things of upkeep and maintenance – both of self and home. That being said, we haven’t totally fallen apart! Life for each of us in our family has moved into new phases, and a fresh vision of the future is often itself inspiring and motivation enough.

Yet, her spark is missing; and it was a very bright spark as so many of us who loved her will confirm. Even in her last days and weeks, when it was so challenging for her to even move, she would spend much of her conversation affirming and inspiring. One of her greatest strengths was her ability to empower others, to let them know that they were loved and that what they thought and felt was of value. In this ego-driven, self-protective world, such a person is rare and a great loss.

So, at this point I find myself reflecting on her legacy, what Ngaire Susan Wills left for posterity, as it were. I am tempted to say her art, because she was a very fine artist and illustrator. But that was not who she was. Though she loved beauty and had the constant eye of an artist, that is not what most of us will remember her for.

Her legacy is what she planted in each of us who knew her: Ihave value; I am loved; I have great potential unrealised; I am of tremendous value to others, especially those who love me; I matter.

To some degree or other, Ngaire lived those truths in her relationship with almost anyone she had more than a two-word conversation with, which is virtually all of us here. We can all recall those moments where Ngaire was calling us up into our true selves.

Now that she is gone, that is what remains for me: that cheeky girl bouncing on the couch who faithfully loved as a wife, mother and friend. And one of the key ways she showed herself faithful was in her desire to validate and empower others.

I firmly believe that I would be far more constricted in my ability to love as a father and friend had Ngaire not been the great encourager in my life, and so I will continue that legacy. May it be perpetuated in our family and amongst you, our friends, from generation to generation, so that there will never be a doubt in any mind that each has value and that they are loved.

So I would like to raise a vote of thanks to Ngaire Susan, for all that she deposited into our hearts, and for that spark which we all have the opportunity to continue to fan into flame.”


At that point we all applauded Ngaire.

10 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Thanks for posting Matt. I couldn’t hear what you were saying yesterday because I had a little one chatting to me and feeding me chips. Even though i couldn’t hear strangely enough every word was deposited into my heart and you have just clarified exactly what i thought and spoke about on our drive home. No words can explain what Ngaire deposited into my heart except that i know It still lives within me and her spirit is constantly teaching me a deeper level of love and consistency in the relationships that surround me.


  2. Matt, thank you so much for posting this. I too, was trying to hold onto every word you spoke and appreciate having the time to read and reflect. The beauty that Ngaire’s memory continues to bring out in you and your boys is her ongoing legacy for us all. Libby xx


  3. You and your boys have been in my thoughts and prayers the last couple of days!! Truly she does STILL live in each of us and may that inspire each of us to value and love those with whom we come in contact. In Him, Joann T


  4. It was a great time of remembering Ngaire yesterday. Thanks Matt, Jord, Remy & Edward for making it possible. I talked to many & observed people interact & thought about the kind of person who brings such a varied group together. The unique Ngaire, who was an encourager of all. It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since she passed and yet, here we are, with her still in our hearts. Bless you all, her boys x


  5. Hey Matt, you’ve been in my thoughts these last few days. I still have some of Ngaire’s empowering words on the back of a bookmark she gave me nearly 40 years ago. The writing has faded but I almost know the words by heart. Thanks for sharing this.


  6. Dearest Matt,

    I just found this site and I am at work and I had to lock my office door because i am crying so loud. I can not believe it! She was a incredible woman!. Please E-mail me so that we can catch up, mum will be devastated. You can call me at 760-978-7845 if you wish as well. Please give Jordy a huge hug and kiss for me and let him know that I am praying for him and all of you. As I read your words it as if I was there with you having coffee with you. She will be greatly missed by all of us. I love ya mate and please give me a shout.

    Your always in my heart and thoughts,

    Your american brother,


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