No longer waiting

I will post the story later, but here is a poem that I wrote five days ago. She was the greatest treasure….




Beside her bed, I hold her hand,

See her arm in purple shades like

Menacing clouds, that she –

The artist – would likely

Call Payne’s Grey;

Her other arm in venal relief

Equally shaded, like an ironic gauntlet

For the life-enhancing nutrients

On their journey from bag to body.


When we were young

We never bruised – our perfect

Bodies, mistreated by youth,

Resilient and impervious.

Now we have seen and walked

The years which teach and,

Though hesitant to call them friends,

Have learnt through wound and bruise,

A way of love and care

That is slower, deeper

Than those young hearts dreamt.


We did dream

Of growing old together,

Of walks and conversations

And grandchildren; of miracles,

Transformations and freedom,

Never thinking of the depth

That the bruises would plumb in us –

Never conceiving that the path of love

Is hard won, that the wounds shared

Would be anchor points of joy

As our hearts strengthened

And deepened.


The eyes that once held wonder

And promises unknown, now

Are known wells of grace from which

I draw daily my familiar unspoken

Blessing, with always the richness

Of something far deeper.


Beside her bed, I hold her hand

And caress the bruises that

I wish I could share.

8 thoughts on “No longer waiting

  1. Matt – a true picture of love & life, written through pain & probably tears. Thank you for sharing your deep gift. Much love, Lenette & Steve xx


  2. Dearest Matt,
    Beautiful words that speak volumes of love…
    We will cherish Na in our hearts and your loving relationship with her.
    Prayers and thoughts with you, Jordy, Remy & Ed….
    Libby and Phoebe xox
    Ps Phoebe sends special hugs to Daisy x


  3. Dear Matt, we so longed & prayed for a miracle. But reading this reminds me of the miracle of Ngaire’s and your life together. The depth of love for each other that you allow us to glimpse in your beautiful words, surely speaks of God’s “above & beyond” that you could never have imagined those years ago. And we do rejoice in knowing whose arms Na is in now, and that for her all suffering has ceased. We continue to pray for you, boys and family Matt. With love – Lou & Ron xx


  4. Beautiful Matt. Very touching. Ger and have have been thinking and praying for you and your family over the past few months, and we will continue.
    We feel honored to have known Na. An amazing person, beautiful spirit. We will always be reminded of her, through the art that she has left us.
    Jules and Ger Schmidt


  5. Oh Matt,
    She was such a giver of grace! She embodies the living hope that we all share. And in the pain you journeyed with her was such love and beauty – it can only point to our nail scarred Creator.
    Love Jac xx


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