Changing seasons

The trees in my neighbourhood provide a stunning display at this time of year; they also speak of the rhythms that we dwell within, yet so rarely acknowledge in our busy lives….




I have seen the colours of New England in the fall:

The pink granite of Eastern Maine, the rouge,

Blush and shiver of forest and lake.


I have crossed the White Mountains of New Hampshire

And stood speechless before the vast palette of the

Never-ending valleys of Vermont.


I have seen the liquidambar in my driveway –

Absorbed the nuances of its reds, golds and myriad nameless

Hues, transforming in the gentle evening breeze,


The breeze that makes me wrap my arms around myself

But not go inside; I want to know

The breeze that rides the cold this tree shares with me,


The cold and earlier twilight that rings the bell

And gives green permission to dress up for a final

Flourish before the plunge and mulch,


Before the sleep that slows the sap

And calls a halt to signs of life,

And life hidden, whispers from deep to deep.


This wisdom, I imbibe not from the grand glory

Of mountains and valleys beyond comparison,

Whose beauty’s power is awe


But from the liquidambar in my driveway whose

Majesty yearly waxes and wanes;

And, in the waning, I feel my mortality.

2 thoughts on “Changing seasons

  1. Every time I see the first autumn leaf fall I give an audible sigh for the passing of summer. Then I observe the change of the trees over the weeks & months & I become grateful for the downtime of autumn & winter, a slower time, a reflective time – if we take the time. Thank you Matt for your beautiful words.


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