Waiting for a transplant 5 – Positioning

Another brief one: Ngaire has had three good nights in a row and is more used to the uncomfortable BiPAP mask, being able to sleep well with it.
It seems that the drugs that she has been on for the pulmonary hypertension may finally be beginning to work. Her breathing has become easier on the BIPAP and she requires far less oxygen in the mix to maintain good levels in her blood. She will have another echocardiogram soon to verify that the drugs are working.
This period now is about positioning. We are getting good nutrients into her body; now her heart needs to rest in trust for the days ahead. It seems increasingly unlikely that she will be home before transplant, so peace and rest of spirit are what she needs. Oh….and some new lungs.

10 thoughts on “Waiting for a transplant 5 – Positioning

  1. Relieved to read a good report! Continuing to pray – for the practical and the profound. Realising just how much we miss you – just how much you are in our hearts. Love & blessings to you & Nga xx


  2. You guys wont recall me at all; I know you from such a long time ago, YL in the mid ’70’s, (Northmead Club – Meron was my 1st Cabin leader), a million miles from Now. I just wanted to say that my prayers are added to the throng of voices praying for both of you, esp for Ngaire. God bless you both.


  3. Matt, thank you for your blog posts, your amazing words help paint a picture of life for you, Na and boys. We know what to thank God for and what to keeping praying for… Our heartfelt prayers are with you all daily. May God’s ‘amazing grace’ continue to bless your lives. Xx Libby & Phoebe xx


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