Waiting for a transplant 4 – Pushing it

Just a brief update this time:

Ngaire has been in ICU for two days.
Because she was unable to maintain adequate oxygen saturation – even on the maximum level available – they have put her on the BIPAP machine (Bi-level Positive Air Pressure). This forces oxygen into the lungs and holds them open, so that they can absorb more. It is a marvelous invention , though very uncomfortable as it needs to seal around the nose and mouth. The mask Ngaire is wearing as I write is not all that different to a deep-sea diver’s mask, sealing entirely around the perimeter of her face.
On this machine, she is able to maintain oxygen saturation of 90% +. Along with this, her heart rate has reduced considerably to around 100. After the oxygen deprivation incident of the other night, her heart rate was over 140 for a full day.
At this stage, she is holding her own, and we are hoping that this will allow time for the hypertension meds to kick in, thereby helping her breathing even more; all of this with a view to keeping her as fit as possible to receive her donor lungs.
We understand that she is a priority case and that the search is now Australia-wide.
Please pray that a match can be found soon. This situation, while positive, cannot last indefinitely. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Waiting for a transplant 4 – Pushing it

  1. Hey Matt – just want to let you know that Ron & I are praying & standing in faith with you, Nga & boys – as are others in our community here in Port Mac. Can’t find adequate words to say more…BIG LOVE xo


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